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from 10KSB40 1 page <page> 1 Promissory Note $135,000.00 Tyler, Texas March 16, 1995 on or Before One (1) Year After Date, for Value Received, I, We, or Either of US, Promise to Pay to the Order of the Lavelle D. Fender Trust the Sum of One Hundred Thirty-Five Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($135,000.00) With Interest From Date to Maturity at the Rate of Ten Percent (10%) Per Annum, Payable at Tyler, Texas. We the Makers, Sureties, Endorsers, and Guarantors of This Note Hereby Severally Waive Presentation for Payment, Notice of Non-Payment, Protest and Notice of Protest and Diligence in Bringing Suit Against Any Party Thereto, and Consent That the Time of Payment May Be Extended Without Notice From Time to Time. It Is Further Expressly Agreed That in the Event This Note Is Placed in the Hands of an Attorney for Collection, or Suit Is Brought on Same, or if Collected Through Bankruptcy or Probate Then, and in That Event, to Pay the Additional Amount of Fifteen Percent (15%) Additional on the Principal and Interest Then Due as Attorney's Fees. This Note Renews and Extends Note Dated March 16, 1992, for $300,000.00. Thor Energy Resources, Inc. By: /S/ David M. Fender President Due: March 16, 1996 Address: P.O. Box 307 Tyler, Texas 75710 Phone
from 10KSB40 1 page Agreement for Sale of Property