Other Features
Improve your research process with many other tools.

See What's Changed

Filings and disclosures may change over time, and Document Comparison enables you to see exactly what's different. Avoid having to scroll through the documents side by side in order to see what's changed – every addition and removal is clearly marked, right in your browser.

Insider Transactions as a Table

See at a glance who's been buying and selling. All the details are right at your fingertips, so you don't need to go through Form 4s one by one.

Cut the data any way you need to identify anomalies or get a quick summary. Filter by owner, transaction date, and transaction type.

Institutional Owners and Holdings

Quickly view the consolidated list of institutional owners of a company or see what holdings investment managers have disclosed.

Save yourself the time of clicking through difficult to read Form 13F disclosures and see an instant snapshot of the owners of a company or an investment manager's holdings.

Email Alerts and Documents Feed

Stay on top of the latest developments for your companies, and ensure you don't miss any important filings or transcripts. Real-time Email Alerts inform you as soon as one of your companies adds a new filing or transcript.

Catch up on the latest filings and transcripts for your companies right on your home page with a customizable Documents Feed.

High Quality Transcripts

S&P transcripts are available directly on BamSEC. Earnings calls and other company events ranging from investor presentations to broker conferences are all included.

Take advantage of all the great tools you already use for filings – transcripts are fully integrated with our Document Search, Highlighting, and Sharing features.

Clean PDFs

View and download high-quality PDFs. Unlike just printing the filing to PDF or even the PDFs from Investor Relations sites, our PDFs are properly paginated, cleanly laid out, and include a helpful footer that helps you reference a specific page without worrying whether it was originally labelled as page xx, 20, or F-20.

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