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Screening tools based on search and key filing types make it easy.

Powerful Global Search

Instantly search across millions of documents across all companies at once. See how key topics are being discussed or discover new companies. Find every mention of a company, product, or industry trend in order to uncover insights others are missing.

Robust Customization

Flexible filters enable you to narrow results by industry, market cap, or anything else that fits your investment criteria.

Focus your search by narrowing the results by document type or limiting it to companies on your Watch List.

Take advantage of advanced operators to ensure you're getting exactly what you need. Exact phrases, distance between words, and boolean operators are all supported.

Alerts to Keep You in the Loop

Set up alerts for new search results to ensure you don't miss anything for the topics you care about.

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Or set up alerts for key filing types to stay in the loop on upcoming IPOs, proxy fights, and more. Learn about activist investor activity before it hits the news.

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