Collaborate efficiently
Highlight and reference text in any document to save and share important information.

Link Directly to Any Text

Found an important piece of information in a filing or some key management commentary in a transcript? Just highlight it and create a link directly to the text you selected. Links will bring anyone directly to your text selection without you having to clunkily explain which portion of a filing you are referencing.

Integrated Highlighting

Save important sections for later reference and quick lookup. Highlight any text and save it – it will be available whenever you view that filing or transcript again.

Generate shareable links for each highlight, so you can share your highlights with colleagues or reference them in models.

All of your saved highlights are easily accessible on a dedicated page for each company.

Easily Reference Any Table

Share links to important tables in filings. Every table is annotated with links that will bring anyone to that specific table within the filing. Save the link for use as a back-up reference in your models or share it with colleagues.

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