Quickly pull historical data
View prior versions of any table without painstakingly searching through past filings.

Models and Benchmarking Made Easy

Effortlessly see the prior versions of any table without leaving the current filing. If you're building a model that needs several years of segment data, you can use Similar Tables to quickly view and download past versions of the segment tables all from one place. No more need to pull up multiple individual filings and manually track down the particular tables you need.

Not Just the 3 Statements

Similar Tables covers not just the 3 main financial statements, but almost every financial table. Want to review pension obligations, detailed segment breakdowns, or option issuances on a quarterly basis for 5 years? No problem.

Easily see every prior table in context, with a direct link to its location in the source filing.

Downloadable? Of Course.

Download a single spreadsheet containing all of the tables, either quarterly or annual. Bootstrap your model in seconds.

No need to download all the tables one by one if you need the whole time series – a single download is all it takes.

All Excel spreadsheets are cleanly formatted, with no unusual styles and no merged cells, logos, or distracting colors or fonts.

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