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Search in Documents

Search in Documents enables you to find any text within millions of company filings and transcripts with just one search. Instantly see if management has mentioned a key term on an earnings call, find buried disclosures, and more. Save yourself from hours of painstakingly scanning documents one by one.

Results are intuitively organized so you can quickly find what you need and seamlessly jump to various results. You can also perform powerful advanced queries: search for exact phrases, results that must be within a certain number of words from a term, or add boolean logic to search for multiple keywords.

Table Tools

Similar Tables

Easily browse past versions of a table. If you're building a model that needs several years of segment data, you can use Similar Tables to quickly view and download past versions of the segment tables all from one place. No more need to pull up multiple individual filings and manually track down the particular tables you need.

Table Downloads

Download any table from any filing into Excel with a single click. Save yourself the time and headache of manual data entry while also eliminating the risk of typos. Our Excel spreadsheets are cleanly formatted and have no merged cells, logos, or distracting colors and fonts.

Document Comparisons

Filings and disclosures may change over time, but Document Comparisons will compare the newer and older versions of a document so that you can quickly review any changes — all from the convenience of your browser. We clearly mark what sections of text have been added or removed so that you can spot any key additions, omissions, or other changes.

Transcripts and Key Exhibits


Quickly view high-quality Thomson Reuters transcripts on the same platform you already use for filings research. Earnings calls and other company events ranging from investor presentations to broker conferences are all included. Transcripts are fully integrated with our Search in Documents, Highlighting, and Sharing features.

Key Exhibits

Hard-to-locate exhibits are conveniently organized so that you can quickly find what you need. Speed up credit analysis by having a company's credit agreements and indentures in one place. Make any diligence exercise easier with legal documents such as articles of incorporation and material contracts at your fingertips.

Sharing and Highlighting

Found an important piece of information in a filing or some key management commentary in a transcript? Now you have a smarter way of organizing and sharing what you've found.

Share direct links that will bring anyone directly to your text selection. Share these links with your team or keep them as source references for your research. You can also highlight any text selection for your own reference so that it will be available whenever you view that filing again.

Email Alerts and More

Email Alerts

Stay on top of the latest developments for your companies. Get real-time email alerts whenever one of your companies adds a new filing or transcript. Alerts are customizable so you can choose to only be informed of certain document categories such as financial filings or transcripts.

And More

Generate high-quality PDFs, share direct links to specific tables within filings, keep track of recent company documents on your Newsfeed, and more to come!

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